Frequently asked questions

  1. Delivery period:
    If you are in Spain, you should receive your order within a period of 8 working days from purchase and payment.
    If you are outside of Spain, the time will vary depending on the final destination.
  2. Where do we deliver?
    You can receive your order in Spain (Peninsula, Canary Islands and Balearic Islands), in countries of the European Union and outside the European Union.
  3. Delivery cost:
    The delivery cost will be shown in your shopping cart and will depend on the delivery address you choose.
  4. Customs and taxes
    The only tax added will be for VAT in Spain. Other taxes are not included in the cost, so such costs will be borne by the customer upon receipt and/or arrival at customs, if appropriate.
  1. What payment methods are available?
    • You can pay with any type of card (Visa, MasterCard or Maestro). These orders will have no additional charge.
    • You can also pay with a Paypal account. These orders will have no additional charge.
    • Bank Transfer: You can make your payment by bank transfer if you so choose. You must send us proof of payment and include the order number in the bank transfer.
  2. Can you pay on delivery?
    Because the cosmetic is completely personalised, no payments can be made on delivery. Payments must be received before the customised cream is made.
  3. Are these payment methods safe?
    Our website uses the Paypal platform for a secure connection for both card and Paypal transactions. You do not need a Paypal account to pay by card..
  1. Why?
    The skin of each person is unique and therefore we give you the ability to customise your own face cream. You can design your cream in two ways.
  2. How can I design my own cream?
    1. a) with the DIAGNOSTICS option offering specialised technical advice
    2. b) According to YOUR OWN TASTE without advice, by adding the ingredients you need.
  3. Can I make my cream by adding my own compounds?
    Yes, by selecting YOUR OWN TASTE without advice on the home page
  4. How do I know what type of skin I have?
    On the first screen of "design your own cream", you will find a link called "I don't know". The main features of each skin type will be displayed; choose the one that best fits the description of your skin.
  5. How many signs can I select?
    You can choose from 1 to 5 skin signs to try to design your cream.
  6. What happens if I have an allergy to any compound?
    After designing your cream, you will find details about all the compounds in the cream with their INCI. If you are allergic to any of them, you can choose the option "Choose according to my taste" to remove those ingredients you are allergic to.
  7. What happens if I want to create a day cream with high sun protection?
    By creating a cream with SPF 50, you should realise that the final texture will be denser, more viscous and white.
  8. How long will the product last once opened?
    The recommended shelf life for each of our creams is indicated by a simple pictogram. Generally, it varies from 6 - 9 months and is identified with the acronym PAO (Period After Opening)
  9. How much will my own customised cream cost?
    Each customised cream has a different price according to the quantity, concentration and selection of ingredients.
  • Using gift cards
    Where do I enter my discount code? After designing your cream, you will get to the payment screen. Here you must enter your gift card code in the appropriate field. After entering the code, click on the "Add Gift Card" button.
  • Gift Card
    How I can buy a gift card? Click on "gift card" on our homepage. You will be taken to the page to complete the fields with your preferences. When you finish, click the button "Add to Cart" and make the payment by following the steps.
  • Can I make changes to my order?
    You can make as many changes as you want before making the payment.
    Once payment is made, you cannot make any changes. For any additional questions, please send an email to info@cocoloon.com.
  • If I want to cancel my order, what should I do?
    You cannot cancel your order once payment is made as the product will be in production. However, if you email us at info@cocoloon.com within 2 hours, we can check whether or not the product is in production. If it is not in production, we can cancel the order but will not return the amount. This amount will be available for future orders.
  • Returns and Refunds
    As it is a customised product, the legislation does not require returns to be accepted. Please inspect your package when you receive it. Your cream is considered defective if you receive it damaged or if a manufacturing fault occurs. Contact us no later than 5 days after its receipt. Antes de la compra deberás cerciorarte leyendo los ingredientes que se asociarán a tu crema. No obstante, en cocoloon® contamos con un Departamento Técnico especializado para realizar consultas, analizar y poder darte una solución. Envíanos un email a info@cocoloon.com y atenderemos tu consulta; recomendándote una visita al médico para que identifique qué ingredientes han causado la alergia. Debes saber que cocoloon® no acepta cambios ni devoluciones por este tipo de reacciones que son independientes de las buenas prácticas de fabricación y que dependen de la sensibilidad de cada usuario.
  • I have had an allergic reaction. What I can do?
    Before purchasing, you must check the ingredients of your cream by reading them. However, we have a specialist Technical Department in Cocoloon® to make enquiries, analyses and provide a solution. Email us at info@cocoloon.com and we will attend to your query, and recommend you visit your doctor to identify which ingredients caused the allergy. Please be aware that that Cocoloon® will not accept exchanges or returns for those reactions which are independent of good manufacturing practice and depend on the sensitivity of each user.
  • Can I use the products if I have a dermatological problem?
    If you have a dermatological problem, it is best to consult your doctor before using a particular product, cosmetic ingredient or certain compounds and before making your purchase.