Terms of use

Cocoloon Terms of use

Please read the content of this section, as these terms and conditions of sale are obligatory when using the Cocoloon website where a customised cosmetics service is offered with a trade name and trademark (classes 16, 35 and 44).

The terms and conditions of use set out below apply to all purchases or any other action you make through www.cocoloon.com.

These Terms govern the contractual relationship between you and Laboratorios Valquer, SL, hereinafter called "Cocoloon", based at Polígono Industrial “La Dehesilla”, Parcela 33, 45440, Villaminaya, Toledo, Spain; with Tax no B78094489.

They Terms and Conditions are in accordance with current legislation in this area, and particularly in accordance with the provisions of the following legal texts: Law 34/2002, Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce; Law 7/1998, General Contracting Terms and Conditions; Royal Decree 1906/1999, telephone and electronic contracting with general conditions according to article 5.3 of Law 7/1998; Royal Decree 1/2007, Revised Text of General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other related legislation; Law 7/1996, the Retail Trade; Law 59/2003, Electronic Signatures.

All enquiries, complaints or correspondence relating to these Terms must go through our Cocoloon website contact page.

Purchase and acceptance of conditions

The purchase of customised cosmetics, cosmetics or any other product and/or services offered through the Cocoloon online store assumes the user accepts all subsequent general contract conditions and, where applicable, any particular or specific conditions set forth below, without reservation of any kind.

Before starting the contracting process and using techniques appropriate to the communication medium used, Cocoloon will provide the user with clear, understandable and unambiguous information on the following:

  1. The procedures to follow to sign a contract.
  2. If the supplier will archive the electronic document formalising the agreement and whether this will be accessible.
  3. The technical means made available to identify and correct errors in entering data, and the language(s) ​​in which the contract will be written.

After the purchase, Cocoloon will send a confirmation e-mail.

Purchasing customised Cocoloon cosmetics

  1. Criteria for making purchases:

    Only customised cosmetics, cosmetics and other services can be purchased:

    • All users will design their cosmetics by using either the configurator and/or diagnosis option, or else opt for a configuration without technical advice.
    • Access can be made by any user from any country, as we have worldwide delivery (delivery policy link).
    • Users must make personal and not commercial use of the product, whether for their own use or that for whom it is acquired.

    Cocoloon reserves the right to reject any application at its sole discretion (e.g. if it considers that the purchase in question is intended to be subsequently sold by different means other than authorised Cocoloon distribution channels, or due to known technical/health limitations of the destination country)..

    The details of the customised cosmetics available for purchase (including their price) are detailed on the online store and depend on the type of treatment and ingredients users add to their customised cream.

    Cocoloon will take all necessary and reasonable measures to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices of customised creams appearing on the Cocoloon website are correct.

    Cosmetics price

    Cocoloon wants to provide decent and affordable prices within the online market and update the amounts according to user needs. All prices of customised creams appear with VAT included in European Union countries.

    Cocoloon reserves the right to change prices at any time. If there is a change in the price, the cosmetics will be billed with the price prevailing at the time the purchase was effective.

    The price of each cream is displayed with a breakdown of prices per added ingredient. Prices on screen will be indicated in Euros and include the corresponding value added tax (VAT) and any other taxes that may apply.

    Availability of Cocoloon creams

    Cocoloon is committed to supplying all customised creams in the online shop, as Cocoloon, a Laboratorios Valquer, SL brand, is the manufacturer. Thus, all the necessary ingredients will always be available for users to buy their own customised cream based on their needs, tastes and interests.

    As well as the customised cosmetic service provided, Cocoloon may offer other products and related services.

    User ID and Registration

    The formalisation of the business relationship with the Cocoloon online store can take either of two forms:

    Anonymous purchasing is allowed

    No registration is required to design and/or buy cosmetics. Although it is not necessary, Cocoloon does not advise this because registration provides us with user backup and information, which is fundamental for advice in the future about the best treatments and products for your skin.

    Prior registration through the form provided

    This is the option Cocoloon recommends, as it means not having to fill out order forms when making future purchases. The identification codes and passwords to access the Cocoloon online store are personal and not transferable.

    If online store users forget or lose their password, they should please use the link available at login. By providing user identification via simultaneous entering of the password and email address, the user expressly authorises Cocoloon to store an information file called a cookie on their system, for the sole purpose of facilitating this identification.

    Also, the registered user on the Cocoloon website is solely responsible for the choice, loss, theft or unauthorised use of any code or identification and the consequences that may arise from it.

    The User may unsubscribe from the Cocoloon website at any time by sending an e-mail (to info@cocoloon.com), although this decision will not be retroactive.

    Cocoloon reserves the right to cancel the user name and password and, therefore, access to this web site for users who do not respect the provisions of the terms and conditions governing the use of the website in general, the Cocoloon online store in particular and/or maintain unpaid balances with Cocoloon.

    Customised cosmetics ordering process

    Cocoloon offers a customised service for users to design their own cosmetics for manufacture. Cocoloon can also sell cosmetics products from many brands.

    Users who wish to design their customised cosmetics can choose between two alternatives:

    1. By selecting the option of diagnosis or technical advice by the Cocoloon technical team and professionals

      This is the option we recommend for less experienced users. The diagnosis guides users by asking a series of questions to identify skin signs, tastes, interests and end user applications.

    2. Not selecting technical advice or diagnosis

      More experienced users with information and training on active ingredients and components, as well as those who want to add an ingredient directly, can choose this option.

    In either case (no technical expertise or advice), after selecting the ingredients, the price of the chosen product will appear giving the option to add to the cart or modify the customised cosmetic ingredients.

    If the final result is added to the shopping cart, the final price of the customised cosmetic including VAT appears. In addition, the shopping cart will show the breakdown of the price per ingredient, which may be modified.

    Continuing with the process, the user is taken to a new page requesting the delivery address option with GLS (see GLS package tracking delivery options) and the chosen form of payment (see payment). Finally, the total delivery costs appear added to the final price with VAT.

    Once the purchase is complete and payment is made, the user will be sent an email confirming their purchase and specifying delivery times.

  2. Delivery Policy

    All orders are received and treated by qualified personnel. First, they are reviewed before customised production, packaging, testing, release and delivery is made. Your order will be delivered within a period of 8 days.

  3. Returns Policy

    We hope you love your customised cosmetics. However, you can return your order within 7 days of receipt if it has not been used. Since we do not accept returns, we will be happy to prepare and modify the formula to meet the needs of your skin. Please inspect your package when it arrives. If there are any defects in the package, please let us know no later than 7 days from receipt by sending an email to info@cocoloon.com.

  4. Payment Policy (PayPal and bank transfer)